What are the opening hours of the hot springs?

The opening hours vary depending on the time of the year and weather conditions. We recommend checking the updated schedule on this link:

Termas de Puritama AM 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Termas de Puritama PM 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

What should I bring?

We recommend bringing sunscreen, swimwear, towel, hat, sunglasses, sandals, and water.

I cannot access the calendar for dates beyond September.

Our schedule is open until September. After that month, you will not be able to make a reservation. At the end of July, you will be able to see the opening of the agenda for the coming months.

I would like to inform you that we have not encountered any issues with other visitors regarding purchasing tickets through our website.

Do you offer transportation services to/from the hot springs?

We do not provide transportation services or tours associated with the Puritama Conservation Reserve.

You can find this information at SERNATUR, at https://serviciosturisticos.sernatur.cl/

How do I get to Reserva de Puritama?

The reserve and hot springs are located 30 km northwest of San Pedro de Atacama on the B245 route. Keep right after the fork with the road leading to the Tatio Geysers.

Can I buy food and drinks at the hot springs?

No, we do not have any food or beverage services or points of sale.

Can we bring food and drinks to the pool area?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks. However, glass containers are not allowed, and eating is only permitted in designated areas. Alcohol consumption is prohibited.

Do I need to bring my ticket printout?

Yes, since there is no phone signal or internet at the hot springs, each visitor must bring their printed ticket and identification.

What happens if I don't arrive on time for my scheduled time slot?

We apologize for your situation. Our change and cancellation policies are available on the same page where you purchased the tickets. Changes and cancellations can only be made with 7 days’ notice in advance. Unfortunately, your case does not qualify for any refund or change percentage.

Do I need to make a reservation in advance?

It is not necessary to make a reservation in advance, but we recommend purchasing tickets through our website to secure your spot, as each pool has a limited capacity per time slot.

I haven't received my purchase confirmation, how do I know if it was successful?

The order number you received in your email is sufficient for entry. We recommend downloading the receipt on your phone and showing it at the entrance booth of the Termas de Puritama along with the identification of each visitor.

How hot are the pools?

The pool temperatures range between 30°C and 31°C.

Are lockers available?

Yes, we provide lockers, changing rooms, and showers. Each visitor must bring their own padlock, and the hot springs are not responsible for any damages or theft.

What minerals does the water contain?

There are more than 14 minerals found in the analysis of our waters. The five most abundant minerals in the pools are: Magnesium, Lithium, Boron, Sodium, and Calcium.

Can I wear jewelry in the mineral water?

Silver jewelry can darken, so we recommend removing all jewelry before entering the hot springs.

Can I bathe while being pregnant?

It is recommended to consult your personal doctor before making any decisions. Fluctuating external temperatures, especially heat, can have adverse effects.

Is Reserva de Puritama suitable for the whole family?

Yes, it is. Both children and adults are welcome to enjoy our hot springs.

Is smoking allowed at the hot springs?

No, smoking is not allowed inside the hot springs.

I want to reserve a pool, how can I do that?

We do not have the availability for reserving pools. Additionally, we remind you that on our website, it is stated that access to Pools 1 and 2 is subject to availability and will be informed at the entrance booth of the hot springs.

What is the discounted rate for indigenous communities?

We have a special discount for people from the Atacameño Indigenous Communities who have their CONADI certificate. Tickets are purchased through our website, and at the entrance booth, your ID and the CONADI certificate will be required.

Please note that the discounted rate only applies to the Atacameño Indigenous Community – Lickanantay.

Are pets allowed on the property?

No, we do not allow pets on our property, as the hot springs are located within a Nature Conservation Reserve where protected species exist.

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